Hi! My name is Elijah Claude, and this is my story:

Since 3rd grade, I wanted to invent hovercars. I researched everything from mechanical engineering to biomimetics in this endeavor. I listened to the problems people had with modern-day vehicles and the dreams they had of the future. I iterated on my concepts time and again as I gained more and more insights. At the same time, I read thousands of fantasy and science fiction books, fueling my imagination beyond the miasma of depression and poverty that mired my reality. From all of this, alongside some deeper quirk in my soul, an inexhaustible ambition has brightened my path forward.

Now I seek to wield this great power I have gained as a designer to help solve the world’s biggest problems with elegant, sufficiently advanced technology. As a product designer, I want to balance the needs of ambitious businesses with the needs of everyday people all in equilibrium with the environment. I want to inspire, motivate, and empower people to embrace their own unique creativity.

I have worked in sales, information security, data science-based HR technology, and now virtual reality. I have led, recruited, or trained dozens of people across 3 organizations as a student co-chairman, project manager, and operations manager. I have tinkered with game design, web development, podcasts, and writing.

Now it's high time to bring it all together.

I don't want to be just another product designer. I want to help invent the future, and I want to ensure that it's a more inclusive and fulfilling reality.

Thus my quest to become a TechnoWizard.

We live in 2020, and have a constant sense of change or even 'énouement'; yet much of our technology feels predatory, boring, or needlessly complicated. I believe the solution is to invent on principle: to bring a little magic into the world.

People should feel a sense of empowerment and inspiration from their technology.

I want to be the type of designer that turns products and experiences into something that is not just delightful, but magical. I want to grant people the power to live the life they want to live through the application of sufficiently advanced technology.

If you are the same, or even appreciate the idea, I’d love to speak with you!
Feel free to reach out to me @elijahclaude on gmail.

(in training)

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