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👋🏿 Hi! I'm Elijah Claude

Me! I am a dark-skinned Haitian-American young male-presenting with a long beard and yellow shirt.

🖋️ Designer. 🌍 Afrofuturist. 🧙🏿 TechnoWizard.

I am a multipotentialite transferring 5+ years experience across multiple industries and positions to UX Design.

I'm obsessed with creating emergent technology that is empowering, inclusive, and magical.

Let's build a better future... together!

Hire me for this:

  • 😍  Immersive Experiences
  • 🤩  Customer Experience
  • 🤗  Service Design/Ops
  • 😎  Presentations/Facilitation
  • 🧐  Product Management
  • 🤓  User Research
  • 😘  User Centered Design
  • 🤑  Usability Testing
  • 😃  Interaction Design
  • 🤔  Design Strategy

(All of these are transferable skills from 5+ years of cross-functional, non-design roles)

Not this:

  • 😨  Regular Websites
  • 😓  Visual/Graphic Design
  • 😵  3D Modeling
  • 😜  Blindly Taking Orders

Resumes are 💩

But they're here if you need them:

Hello and welcome!

My name is Elijah Claude.

I am a TechnoWizard in training with a specialty in designing empathetic tools, exploring radical ideas, and facilitating cross-functional communication.​

My superpower is strategic innovation.

I design with the principle that technology should be empowering, magical, and inclusive.

​I want to work at a design agency with an outsized ambition to change the world for the better.

Case Studies

Client (Student) Project


Created a hub connecting businesses with organizers in Austin's LGBTQIA+ community.

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Apprenticeship Project

Delta CX

Building a (stealth mode) SaaS platform to solve a critical problem for UX researchers.

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SMB Work Project

iSimu VR

Managed a virtual reality arcade to improve the customer service and store operations.

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